Who we are

The company AVIVA Films, created in 1987, has since recently new partners whose aim is, thanks to its new structure to boost the company towards several new projects.

Their objective is the production of feature films and documentaries for cinema and television with editorial choices oriented towards a variety of  societies and cultures.

Privileged partnerships have been created for this purpose with various authors, directors, production companies and institutions in France and abroad.

Didier COUËDIC, one of our shareholder, is an experienced producer of feature films and documentaries. He has a key role as co-producer at AVIVA Films in charge of the delegated production.

Didier COUËDIC is expanding connections abroad, providing the relevant synergy to enhance current and future projects. Didier is the recipient of a long list of awards for the movies he has brought to the screen.

We have also managed to have Dimension40 as one of our shareholders. Dimension40, a specialized holding company, has long been active in the audio-visual sector. Located in Belgium but operating internationally, Dimension40 also brings to AVIVA a strong financial base. Dimension40 covers, with its investment in several companies, different areas of the media industry.

Other partners in AVIVA Films are: Meyer BERREBY, who has a long and successful career as Director of Production and Executive Producer on French and foreign films; and Alain MENUT an industrialist who has managed and founded several companies. Alain is involved  in the management of AVIVA Films and the search for private financial partners.

At this moment AVIVA Films has several projects in development, and is always interested in film projects that conform to its editorial line.


AWARDS OBTAINED for films produced by Didier COUEDIC

“The Singer” by Kassem Hawal (90’ – 2011 – Iraq)
Hassan II Grand Prize for best actor, Rabat Festival (2011)

“Albanian Chronicle” (Love Prayers) (90’ – 2009 – Albania)
by Arta Minarolli and Illiet Alichka. Screenplay Award Balkan Film Festival (2011)

“Vera” by Fransisco ATHIE (90’ – 2004 – Mexico) Prize : Ariels d’Or (Mexico) best soundtrack, best music, best special effects

“Zaman, the man of the reeds” by Amer ALWAN (75’ – 2003 – Iraq) Prize for the first work and Oecumenical Prize (San Sebastian 2003); Amiens Festival (City Prize); Timimoun Festival, Algeria (Audience Prize); Vesoul Festival (Prize for the first film), Prize for male interpretation to Sami Kaftan at the Rabat Festival, Morocco; Grand Prize – Golden Cicada at the Montereau Festival; Interpretation Prize at Carthage.

“Burlesque tragedy” by Goran MARKOVIC ( 90’ – Ex Yugoslavia). Award for Best Direction at the Montreal World Film Festival

“Tito and Me” by Goran MARKOVIC (90’ – 1992 – Ex Yugoslavia)
Grand Prize for Direction and Performance at the San Sebastian Film Festival


Didier COUËDIC background

After working as a photographer, Didier Couëdic turned to cinema and audio-visual media, first as an assistant director in advertising, then as a cameraman, sound engineer and editor.

Didier Couëdic co-directed his first experimental feature film at the age of twenty: “The Return of Scratch”, which won a prize at the Trouville Festival of Young Cinema, presided over by Jacques Tati, in which another of his short films, “The Armenian Genocide”, was selected.

After directing and producing documentaries and commissioned films in France, Didier Couëdic devoted himself to making documentaries by foreign  writers and directors.

His rich and varied career has allowed him to move outside his “comfort zone” and productions on an international scale. His first feature film took him to Serbia to make “Tito and I” by Goran Markovic, which won prizes for direction and acting at the San Sebastian Festival in 1992.

Since then, Didier Couëdic has continued to develop the production of films that are set within different countries. Several have won awards at international festivals

In 2017 Didier Couëdic and his partners took over the company AVIVA Films in which he is the key figure and where he continues to develop and produce feature films and documentaries that reveal a diversity of social, political and cultural ways of life.



Dimension 40, is an extensive company based in Brussels and managed by Marc Schulman. Its main purpose is to offer structural management and technical advice, as well as providing investment finance, for companies dedicated to working in different fields of the media industry, for example:

Films Production

Documentaries and Works of Fiction are produced by AVIVA Films / Z.Company / MIB Made in Brussels (www.madeinbrussels.net)

Films in VR and 3D produced by  Mi3D Made in 3D (www.madein3D.net)

Advertisement: MiW (www.madeinworld.net)

The MiW Group of companies is present in different countries:

  • MiB Made in Brussels
  • MiL Made in Lisbon
  • MiC Made in China
  • MiS Made in Sofia

Broadcast and Image Technology: (among others with STP)

Engineering for the implementation and digitization of television channels. Large-scale digitization of archives, (audio, video and films).  Electronics intended for 4K-8K images: A/V – Medical – AI – …


The presence and partnership of Dimension40 reinforce the financial structure of Aviva Films and also allows an easier access to institutional and private cooperation and an European positioning.