Zaman, the man of the reeds

By Amer ALWAN (75′ – Iraq)

Release in France/Spain: May – June 2004. A co-production 8 et Plus Productions/ Arte Télévision / Les Films du Village / Ishtar Productions (Iraq)

Prize for the first work and Oeucumenical Prize (San Sebastian 2003); Amiens Festival (City Prize); Timimoun Festival, Algeria (Audience Prize); Vesoul Festival (Prize for the first film), Prize for male interpretation to Sami Kaftan at the Rabat Festival, Morocco; Grand Prize – Golden Cicada at the Montereau Festival; Interpretation Prize at Carthage.

Selections: Marakech Festival, Cairo Festival, Delhi Festival, Tribeca Festival (New York); Washington Festival; Sarajevo Festival; Beirut Festival.

In the marshlands of southern Iraq, where the waters of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers mingle with the land, Zaman and his wife are united. In their hut of reeds, they lead a simple and modest life. Their love has withstood the test of time and the events that ravage the country.

One day, Zaman learns that his wife is suffering from a strange illness, a stigma of war. The doctor prescribes a medicine that has become rare because of the embargo. The husband decides to take his little boat and goes in search of this precious remedy.