The time that is missing 

(Based on the book by Helena KADARE). Biopic of the Albanian writer Ismaïl KADARE)

Coproduction: ALBIMAGES (Albanie) / AVIVA Fims (France)


Writer herself, wife of Ismail Kadare, Helena Kadare reveals here the destiny of an exceptional couple. In this story, full of events that are out of the ordinary of a life together, the topicality of the half-century that saw the apogee, then the agony and the end of the communist regimes in Eastern Europe emerges. In the round of friendships, encounters, shared confidences, this couple finds the energy and courage to overcome the anguish that the dictatorship brings to the inhabitants of the most locked and mysterious country in Europe. These memoirs bear first-hand witness to the complex “key laboratory work” that saw the elaboration of Ismail Kadaré’s work, as well as to the strategies employed to thwart censorship or to shelter the most dangerous texts in France. This “speleology” in the basements of literary creation explains wonderfully what has blossomed on the surface: the twenty thousand pages of published work. By turns unusual, audacious, of a rare frankness, full of lightness and emotion, this ample chronicle reads like a novel of adventures and passions – those that arouse and inspire the love of art and freedom.

(summary of the biography)

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