Ryad Merhy Resilience 

Directed by Didier Machaire

Resilience tells the inspirational story of a man determined to transform the obstacles he encounters in his professional and private life into a positive force for change.

The documentary presents the daily fight of Ryad Merhy, whose prowess in the ring has made him World Champion and the most prominent Belgian boxer of his time.

Born to an absentee Lebanese father and a loving Ivorian mother, the child Ryad had an extremely difficult upbringing in which he faced many challenges, discovering boxing at a pivotal time in his development.

From the very beginning of his training, the young sportsman shows excellent skills in the ring. Thanks to his determination combined with true ethics in his combat discipline, Ryad Merhy becomes a shining example to sportsmen everywhere and World Champion.

For fifty-two minutes, the documentary will testify to the unbreakable will of a high-level sportsman.

It will also introduce us to the man behind the boxer and his entourage.

A humble and resilient man, who was able to face up to and overcome the many difficulties and obstructions of his life, both private and professional.

Ryad Mehry, world champion.